After The Course

The Pistol Permit Application

Once you have completed the Pistol Permit Course and received your NRA Certificate Of Completion you can start farmiliarizing your self with the Pistol Permit Application. This Application can be downloaded from our website by clicking here and it includes detailed instructions on what is required when you are ready to apply for your Connecticut Pistol Permit. 

Submitting The Pistol Permit Application

Once you are ready to submit the Pistol Permit Application you will need to bring the following to your Local Police Department. 

1.)The completed NRA Pistol Permit Application.
2.)The NRA Pistol Permit Certificate Of Completion.

3.)A copy of your Birth Certificate or Passport. 

4.)One check for $70.00 made payable to your local authorities.

5.)Two checks made payable to the Treasurer, State of Connecticut (one for $50.00 and one for $12.00).

6.)The finger print card with your finger prints (this is all done at your local PD and can be done when you bring in the other 5 items to be submitted)

After you have submitted your Pistol Permit Application your Local Authorities will issue you a Temporary Permit that day or by mail soon after. Once you receive the Temporary Permit you will have 60 days to do the following.

1.)Take the Pistol Permit Application and Temporary Permit issued by your local authority to a DESPP division of the state police(the headquarters is right in Middletown)

2.) Bring a $70.00 fee, payable to Treasurer, State of Connecticut, a birth certificate or passport, and a drivers license or a valid state issued photo identification card to the state police with the rest of the Pistol Permit Application. 

Receiving Your Pistol Permit

After you have submitted all the correct paperwork you can expect to receive your Pistol Permit within 6 to 10 weeks. In some very rare cases it can take much longer, as of right now Waterbury's wait time is 6 months, but most towns have a much quicker turn around time. Once you have received your Permit you have full access to the firearms industry. This means you are able to buy handguns, rifles, shotguns, and ammunition. You are also able to carry your pistol with you, join any shooting club, and shoot at any range in Connecticut. Please Note-your Pistol Permit is good for 5 years. Once the 5 years is up you will receive a notice in the mail 90 days before your Permit expires. You will also receive a 90 day grace period after the Pistol Permit has expired to renew your Pistol Permit.