Connecticut Pistol Permit Course Overview

Classroom Time

The first section of our Pistol Permit Course is focused on Firearms Safety, Proper Firearm Operation, and Proper Range etiquette. This information is taught by our Pistol Permit instructor who uses power points, hands on lessons, and personal experience from his military background to teach his students. During classroom time you will receive an NRA Pistol Permit Safety Book (this will be returned at the end of the course), time for a Q&A session with the Pistol Permit Instructor, and a 50 question test (20 questions are multiple choice, 30 are true and false, and the passing rate is 99% so don't worry).

Range Time

Once you have finshed studying the text books and taking the test it is time to have some fun at the range with your Pistol Permit Instructor. This is done with the instructor at Wolfs indoor range in Bristol. While you are at the range you will have the opportunity to shoot live ammunition out of a Semi Automatic Pistol and a single/double action Revolver. This will be done with the guidance of our NRA Instructor who will be making sure you are handling the firearms properly and safely while giving you pointers on your shooting techniques and range etiquette. This is known to be the most enjoyable part of our Pistol Permit Course.

The Certificate

After you have completed our NRA Pistol Permit Course you will receive the NRA Pistol Permit Certificate Of Completion, which does not expire and allows you to apply for your Connecticut Pistol Permit. The Certificate Of Completion will be issued by the Instructor or one of the Sportsmen's Outpost employee's 1 to 3 days after the course has ended. Please call ahead of time to make sure the Certificate is ready to be picked up.