Firearm Inspection And Cleaning

Overview- Our onsight Gunsmith has an inspection process and cleaning procedure for just about every type of firearm. The inspection involves indentifying and pricing out worn or damaged parts that can be potentially harmful to the firearm or shooter. The cleaning procedure involveses a bore brush, a bristle brush, a cleaning rod, cleaning patches, solivants, and lubricants. Both of these procedures are necassary to ensure the shooters safety and the firearms reliability.

Firearm Inspection And Cleaning
  • Our starting price to clean a Long Gun or Handgun is $30.00. Our Gunsmiths turn around time is between 1-2 days.
  • Our fee to perform a firearm diagnosis, which includes identifying worn or damaged part, pricing out worn or damaged parts, and an estimate for turn around time is $25.00

Feel free to contact our Gunsmith directly if you would like a price quote on  a cleaning procedure or diagnoses.

Please note- We will call you with pricing before we replace any parts or start any repairs on your firearm.

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