Optic Mounting/Sight Installation

Handguns- Sportmen's Outpost is able to install aftermarket sights on just about any handgun using our in house sight pushing tools.

  • This process will take about 20 minutes and we can usally do it while you wait.
  • If you purchase the sights from us installation is free.
  • If you purchase the sights from another vendor we charge a $15.00 fee.

Feel free to contact our Gunsmith directly if you have any questions or concerns about the correct sight setup or sight installation. 
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Long Guns​​​​​​​​​​-Sportmen's Outpost is able to install open sights, beads, scopes, red-dot sights, reflex sights, and holographics sights on just about any rifle or shotgun. Our Gunsmith also has the necassary tools to drill and tap your receiver for the appropriate fill screws with his equipment. This process will allow you to mount just about any optic on your firearm.

  • Our fee to mount and bore sight your scope is $20.00 and this job can be done while you wait.
  • Our starting price to drill and tap the receiver on your rifle or shotgun is $100.00. This price varies based on the amount of time our Gunsmith has to spend on the job.

Feel free to contact our Gunsmith directly for a price quote

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Bore Sighting​​​​​​​- Sportsmen's Outpost guarentees paper punching at 50yds with our Gunsmith's bore sighting procedure. We are able to calibrate a brand new scope, without ever taking it to the range, and get you on paper, which will give you a head start on setting the windage and distance adjustments for your desired yardage. This means you will no longer be wasting ammo as you try to hit a paper target with your new setup. This on site process only takes a couple minutes and, from experience, will save you alot of money in ammo.

  • We can usally bore sight your firearm within 15 minutes while you wait.
  • If you buy the scope or rifle from us the bore sighting procedure is free. If not we charge a $20.00 fee
  • We guarentee that your rifle will be punching paper at 50yds once it has been bore sighted. If it does not meet this criteria you will be given a full refund.

Feel free to contact our Gunsmith directly if you have any questions.
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